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7 Ways you can get ready for a Banff National Park trip right now

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Mar 10, 2021
Climbers reach the summit of the Mt. Norquay Via Ferrata, Banff National Park, AB

Are you dreaming of meandering river walks or reaching new heights this summer? Whether you aim to tick off a bucket list hike or flow down the Bow River on a canoe, preparation is key to the perfect holiday. Pause the dreaming for now and use these seven pointers to get ready for a summer in Banff National Park.

Prepare the body

Adventures in the Canadian Rockies are fun but may leave you with tense muscles you're not used to. Prepare your body for summer in Banff National Park with yoga. Work on the flexibility of your spine and joints and strengthen your muscles. This will reduce your recovery time, leaving more time to explore. Join Banff Yoga Practice for a rooftop session during summer and reap the rewards of the fresh mountain air.

Yoga Vermilion Lake Banff Yoga FestivalYoga Vermilion Lake Banff Yoga FestivalYoga Vermilion Lake Banff Yoga Festival

Mobility training is key

We'd all like to start at the top of our game when it comes to hiking the mountains, but let's be real. If you haven't already, start training now. Matt Lavigne from Summit Lifestyle & Performance recommends strength training to prepare, but more importantly, mobility training. No matter how buff your quads are, poor ankle mobility whilst hiking can lead to some beat up joints. So, get on that mobility training stat!

Preview the view

Before you travel, have a sneak peek of what to expect in Banff and Lake Louise. Through the lens of a webcam, see the views from the top of Sulphur Mountain and the waters of Lake Minnewanka. Plan the best time to visit and seek out the best viewpoints. Whether you’re visiting this summer or in the future, stream Banff and Lake Louise from the comfort of your home and prepare for your adventures.

Research food and afternoon shenanigans

The best part of an adventure is the mouth-watering treats and rewards. Stock up on energy-boosting snacks to get you through the day. After a rewarding day, delight in a beverage (or few) on the roof-tops or patios and devour a delicious dish. Not sure where to eat? Check out some of our best patios, most scenic restaurants or healthy bites. Plan ahead, drool a little, pick your favourite eats, and reserve a table!

Juniper Hotel Bistro Summer Food & Beverage Roth RambergJuniper Hotel Bistro Summer Food & Beverage Roth RambergJuniper Hotel Bistro Summer Food & Beverage Roth Ramberg

Relax and let someone else plan for you

Don't have time to plan your getaway? Reserve a spot with a local guide who will share their passion, experiences, and expertise. Prepare for a day of lakes and waterfalls, or a half-day of potential wildlife spotting. Lace up your boots for guided hikes and heli-hikes and head to places you never thought you’d visit. All you need to do is meet the tour and enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of Banff National Park.

What to wear

Clothing choices are important when visiting Banff National Park for safety and fashion. Preparing for four seasons in a day is vital in the Rockies as the weather changes quickly. Summer means t-shirt weather, but also ensuring you have a fleece on you. You'll need swimmers to embrace the glacier lakes, but also rain gear for those pesky rainy days. If you’re planning to hike, prepare with 'How to Gear up for Hiking in Banff National Park'. Use a list to help you prepare but remember you can still shop for those forgotten items in Banff and Lake Louise.

Plan how you’ll get around

Visiting Banff National Park in the summer is prime time for wildlife and humans. Plan with Explore the Park and spend more time experiencing the park. Leave the car at the Banff Train Station parking lot and jump on Roam Transit to Lake Louise and some of your Banff favourites. Don’t get left behind and pre-book your shuttle from the Park and Ride to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Walking around such a picturesque town is magical, so plan your walking routes ahead of time too.

As the snow melts and the days get longer, embrace the dreams of warmer weather. Plan before you visit so you enjoy more time adventuring in Banff National Park.

Public Transit - Parks Canada Shuttle Moraine Lake Explore the ParkPublic Transit - Parks Canada Shuttle Moraine Lake Explore the ParkPublic Transit - Parks Canada Shuttle Moraine Lake Explore the Park
Mel Baker

Mel Baker

Mel lives for the summer and fall in Banff and Lake Louise. You'll find Mel out exploring the mountains, pushing herself to new heights. If she's not on a trail, she's most likely lakeside enjoying the refreshing waters. Post adventure treats are Mel's favourite, especially a margarita anywhere in Banff or Lake Louise.