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Hidden Gems

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Below are hikes, viewpoints, and drives that sometimes get missed, but should make it on to your travel list. Before leaving check for up-to-date trail conditions and closures

Icefields Parkway Area

Peyto Lake (Easy alpine hike)
One of the most stunning places along a road world-renowned for its beauty, the Icefields Parkway (Highway 93N). A short walk to an ultimate Rocky Mountain experience.
Parker Ridge (Hike)
An easy hike that rewards you with some of the most remarkable scenery in Canada’s park system. 5.4 km return, 250 m elevation gain, 2.5 hours easy hiking.
Crowfoot Glacier (Viewpoint)
The premiere spot to marvel at one of over 100 glaciers along the incredible Icefields Parkway. 

Herbert Lake (Easy alpine lake)
Surrounded by majestic mountains, this inviting lake packs an unforgettable punch. Bring your swimsuit (it’s a favourite swim spot for the locals). 

Bow Lake (Easy alpine lake)
Another emerald gem on the incredible Icefields Parkway. This lake is easily accessed by road-side parking lots along the highway. 
Bow Glacier Falls (Hike)
Every step an indelible memory – Bow Lake, Crowfoot Mountain, and Bow Glacier. 9 km return, 155 m elevation gain, 3 hours moderate hiking.
Icefields Parkway (Hwy 93N scenic drive)
Rated one of the top drives on the planet. Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any better, it does.

Lake Louise Area

Taylor Lake (Hike)
A waterfall cascades 50 metres into a crystal clear lake surrounded by meadows of wildflowers. Brilliant. 12.6 km return, 585 m elevation gain, 4-5 hours difficult hiking.

Lake Louise Gondola (Viewpoint)
See the park the way eagles do. Soar serenely over the Rockies and see Lake Louise from 2088 m.

Lake Louise Summer Sightseeing Chairlift & Gondola, Banff National Park

Bow Valley Parkway Area

Castle Lookout (Hike)
A journey up one of the Rockies’ iconic mountains to breathtaking views of the Bow Valley. 7.4 km return, 520 m elevation gain, 4 hours moderate hiking.

Silverton Falls (Hike)
Just down the Bow Valley Parkway from Johnston Canyon, equally spectacular falls less travelled. A short, flat hike leads you to the lower falls, climb the switchback to the upper falls. 

Morant's Curve on the Bow Valley Parkway (Viewpoint)
A favourite spot of legendary Canadian Pacific Railway photographer Nicholas Morant. Every shot is screensaver worthy.
Bow Valley Parkway (Scenic drive)
Take the road more marvelled. Countless scenic pullouts, gorgeous hikes, and your best chance to see wildlife in the park.

Castle Junction Area

Boom Lake (Hike)
An easy one. Starts high up near the continental divide and delivers a pristine alpine lake beneath snow-capped peaks. 10.2 km return, 175 m elevation gain, 3.5 hours easy to moderate hiking.
Arnica Lake (Hike)
A mountain-rimmed beauty that is famous for the Arnica flowers that flourish here. 10.2 km return, 580 m elevation gain, 5 hours difficult hiking.
Banff-Windermere Highway
An incredible journey through yet another national park (Kootenay) will show you why the entire area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stop at Vermilion Pass, where the Continent Divides. Stand in two provinces (Alberta and B.C.) and two national parks (Banff and Kootenay) at the same time. Spill a few drops of water and see if they flow to the Atlantic or the Pacific oceans. Fireweed Loop is a short, easy interpretive trail.