Transportation Shift Campaign: Member Toolkit

In effort to enhance the visitor experience this summer, Parks Canada, the Town of Banff and Banff & Lake Louise Tourism has once again joined forces on the Transportation Shift campaign, launched in mid-May and running through October, 2022. 

Campaign objectives:

Messages for visitors:

Taking transit is the most environmentally sustainable way to visit Banff and Lake Louise.

  • When visiting Banff National Park, you are in a protected area. We all have a responsibility to do everything we can to minimize our impact on this special environment. Taking transit is one way to help.  
  • Last year, between May and October, the town of Banff saw more than 2.6 million vehicles enter the town.  
  • Taking transit reduces the number of vehicles on the road which is better for the environment for a number of reasons;
    • It reduces the chance of vehicle and wildlife conflicts. 
    • It reduces pollution (greenhouse gas emissions). We know pollution is bad for the environment. Fewer personal vehicles on the road means lessening the impact on the ecosystems and wildlife’s natural habitat. 
  • Visitors who take transit to and within Banff and Lake Louise are helping to protect this beautiful place and preserving the environment for future generations. 
  • Because we are in a national park, we have a responsibility to be a leader in environmental sustainability and inspire visitors to lessen their impact on our local and global environment. 

Transit will guarantee you access to where you want to go.

  • Banff National Park is expected to be popular this summer and parking is limited at most attractions.
    • The Lake Louise Lakeshore parking lot is filled to capacity typically by 6 a.m. every day. On busy days, vehicles are turned away. 
  • Planning ahead is essential for the best experience. Take transit to avoid the disappointment of not being able to get to your destination.  
  • Transit can take you to most of the key attractions in Banff National Park (such as Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Johnston Canyon, Lake Minnewanka, the Banff Gondola, Banff Upper Hot Springs and many campgrounds). 
  • Take transit to and around Banff National Park via:
    • On-It Regional Transit (Calgary-Banff)
    • Roam Transit (Canmore-Banff-Lake Louise)
    • Parks Canada Shuttles (Lake Louise area)
  • Transit is the only guaranteed way to see Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Leave your car parked at the new Park and Ride at the Lake Louise Ski Resort and conveniently visit Lake Louise and Moraine Lake with one ticket.
    • Reserve a Parks Canada shuttle ahead of time to guarantee a seat.
  • Park in designated parking areas only and have a backup plan if parking at your intended destination is full. 
    • Park at the Banff Train Station for free. Walk 10 minutes to the Roam Transit hub and access all attractions in and around town from there.
  • If we have more people taking transit and leaving their vehicles (at home or in the parking lot), that reduces the overall number of vehicles on the road and in turn, means less traffic congestion.

Transit is the hassle-free way to explore Banff and Lake Louise.

  • Transit can take you from Calgary to all of the main attractions in Banff National Park.Choosing transit means parking your car once and exploring the park without the hassle of circling around for parking or getting stuck in traffic.
  • Transit is the most convenient way to explore multiple areas of Banff in one day with less stress. Additional routes, frequency and new fare integration programs will encourage everyone from families to solo travelers to include transit to and within the park as part of their plans this year.
  • Leave vehicles at home in Calgary and access Banff National Park via On-It Regional Transit motorcoaches for $10 one way, accessible from the Bridlewood-Somerset LRT, Crowfoot Park-n-Ride LRT and downtown Calgary on 9th Avenue SE. On-It stops right in downtown Banff steps away from all of the local transit routes in Banff.
  • Visitors who drive to Banff can park their vehicle for free at the Train Station Public Parking lot, and take a short walk to the Roam Transit Hub on Banff Avenue to access one of the many bus routes.
    • Purchase a $5 Roam day pass to visit numerous attractions in and around Banff all day.
    • Roam Transit’s new $25 adult on-day super pass, an all-in-one ticket allowing riders to conveniently access Banff, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake that will expedite commuting and provide park-goers a smooth, simple transit experience. 
    • Campers camping at Tunnel Mountain and Two Jack ride the Roam buses from campgrounds into the Town of Banff for free.
  • Transit in Banff National park is frequent with multiple departures every hour.
  • Your best Banff National Park experience begins when you step out of your car and explore using transit.

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