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Dan Evans
Bear Street, Banff

An Outdoor Gallery of Snow Sculptures

January 16-27, 2019

In the heart of the winter months, Banff National Park invites visitors to embrace the cold, vigour, and fun that winter brings. The silence that comes with falling snow, the glowing crackle of a fire, and the joy of snowball fights: it is a magical time of year. Come see winter artistry in action during SnowDays, the festival of snow in Banff National Park.

*Event dates and details are subject to change. 

The annual SnowDays celebration is a highlight of the winter season in Banff National Park; a free 12-day long event held during January, centered around massive snow sculptures in downtown Banff. Occurring at the same time as the Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise, you’ll have plenty of winter creations to explore throughout the park.

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