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January 18-28, 2017

In the heart of these winter months, Banff National Park invites visitors and locals to embrace the cold, vigour, and fun that winter brings. The silence that comes with falling snow, the glowing crackle of a fire, and the joy of snowball fights: it is a magical time of year. Come love winter during SnowDays, the festival of snow in Banff National Park.

The annual SnowDays Festival is a highlight of the winter season in Banff and Lake Louise. A 10-day long celebration held during January, the festival features a variety of events, shows, and activities that combine history, culture, and winter activities. By day, skate on the stunning frozen surface of Lake Louise, watch competitive ice carvers, or spend a day skiing or riding on the slopes of one of the nearby ski resorts. By night, join the festivities in town by watching live music, ski and snowboard competitions, or enjoying drinks by the fire.

This year there will be 10-11 snow sculptures in downtown Banff where teams from around the world will compete to create the best sculpture. 

Full event details to come shortly. 

*Please note that event schedules are subject to change without notice.