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Snow Days, Banff National Park
Dan Evans

An Outdoor Gallery of Snow Sculptures

January 15 - 26, 2020 - FREE

In the heart of the winter months, Banff National Park invites visitors to embrace the cold, vigour, and fun that winter brings. The silence that comes with falling snow, the glowing crackle of a fire, and the joy of snowball fights: it is a magical time of year. Come see winter artistry in action during SnowDays, the festival of snow in Banff National Park.

The annual SnowDays celebration is a highlight of the winter season in Banff National Park; a free 12-day long event held during January, centred around massive snow sculptures in downtown Banff. Occurring at the same time as the Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise, you’ll have plenty of winter creations to explore throughout the park.

*Please note event details may change due to weather.


Enjoy the festive atmosphere as downtown Banff transforms into a winter playground with giant snow sculptures, ice skating, an ice and snow playground, and more! These are the best places to enjoy the sculptures in town and at the ski hills. 


All the action of the International Snow Carving Competition will take place in the heart of Banff on Bear Street. Watch as expert snow sculptors create inspiring sculptures from January 17-19, or stroll the sidewalks to view the finished works of art during the rest of the festival.

Snow Days, Banff National Park
Dan Evans

A short walk from the main snow sculpting site, Banff Avenue Square is the next stop on your SnowDays itinerary and will also feature an interactive exhibition of snow art.

Banff Snow Days, Banff National Park
Dan Evans

The celebration of winter continues at the ski hills. Head up to Banff Sunshine for a fun day of skiing and snowboarding and marvel at the unique snow carvings created at the ski resort.

The stunning chairlift views seen from the ski resorts in Banff and Lake Louise, AB

Experience the best of winter, both on and off the slopes, at Mt. Norquay. A short drive from the centre of Banff, Mt. Norquay offers great activities for the whole family, from skiing and snowboarding, to tubing and snowshoeing. The resort will host a snow sculpture in celebration of the SnowDays festival.

A group of girls tubes down the snowy slops of Banff and Lake Louise, AB

Festival Tips

SnowDays only comes around once a year, and with such an exclusive event you'll want to make sure you know all of the insider tips to make your visit as memorable as possible. 

Stay in the Heart of Banff

Book an overnight accommodation in Banff and explore all of the free winter activities and festivities.

Sample the SnowDays Tribute Beer

Head to Banff Ave. Brewing Co. to try the SnowDays Tribute Beer, a winter ale which will be on tap during the Festival.

Take Part in the Banff Gallery Hop

Immerse yourself in the unique arts, culture, and heritage traditions of Banff National Park on the Banff Gallery Hop

Get Your Skates On

If you are looking to rent ice skates, head to Snowtips-Bactrax on Bear Street.

Discover the Local Dining Scene

SnowDays is the perfect time to discover the rich culinary scene in Banff and Lake Louise. After a day of adventure in the snow, relax at one of the 10 Places to Après in Banff and Lake Louise

Take Transit

The best way to get around town is to take transit with four local routes operating in Banff.  

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