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Alive Here

Alive in Banff and Lake Louise

Banff and Lake Louise is a place to pursue those moments that give meaning, that make you feel alive in every sense. A sight so beautiful you can’t help but stop and stare; an experience so extraordinary you will remember it forever; an overwhelming feeling of awe and wonder.

 Visiting Banff and Lake Louise is your chance to discover one of the most unique places on earth. When you combine its vast unspoiled wilderness and vibrant culture with your desire to fully experience it all, life-changing moments happen.

This special place comes with special responsibilities: this is no ordinary vacation. Banff and Lake Louise is located in the middle of Banff National Park. This means you are truly immersed in the pristine mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, and wildlife that have been here for thousands of years. We must move amongst them with awareness and respect to ensure they are here for many more to come.


We have established the Mountain Institute to help spread the word about how to experience Banff National Park responsibly. Watch videos followed by questions built to test your knowledge. You’ll learn how to make sure our wildlife stays wild, camp safely and responsibly, keep our trails happy, and more.

Mountain Institute

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Let's keep Banff National Park wild and beautiful. Share your inspiring and responsible photos of your travels through Banff and Lake Louise with #AliveHere and we'll feature you right here on our website!

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