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The Real Banff / Published: Tue, 02/19/2019 - 15:38

72-Hour Romantic Spring Getaway

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The days are getting longer and you’re seeing more sunshine. It is time to gaze into your significant other’s eyes across a dinner table or lit fire instead of a shared bowl of popcorn on the couch.

You might be dreaming of a warmer getaway, but you can't get away. Stay close to home and in each other's company for a 72-hour mini-vacation in the mountains. 

Day 1 - Cozy Mountain Cabins

Leave work, shut off your phone, close your computer, and lock the door - it’s time to pack your car and head to the mountains. There’s no better feeling than passing the city limit and watching the cityscape fade in your rear-view mirror.
Begin your trip away with some adventure and make a pit stop at Canmore Cave Tours. They’ll guide you into the cave where you can explore the subterranean world of this natural cave. And, no matter the weather outside, it’s always around 5 degrees Celsius in the cave. After your morning of teamwork, keep on your path towards Banff National Park.
Instead of making your way through the park gates and heading straight to the town of Banff, keep driving for a cozy cabin getaway. Continue along the Trans-Canada Highway to Storm Mountain Lodge (Opens April 30) or Castle Mountain Chalets. Travel down the Bow Valley Parkway and you'll find the romantic Baker Creek Mountain Resort.

baker creek, log cabin, winter cabin, chalet, cabin in the woods
Destination Canada

These three cozy spots are the definition of Canadian rocky comfort. Rustic log cabins are filled with the smell of a freshly lit wood-burning fire, inviting you to pull up your wool socks and cuddle up with a good read. Add in a freshly brewed cup of Banff Tea Co. for a relaxing start.
Each location has access to late-season snowshoe trails, perfect conditions for winter boots and spikes. Stretch your legs with a walk around the property, enjoy an outdoor fire at Baker Creek, and take the time to unwind.

Spend the night in each others company, sip a local brew and navigate your way through a board game. Embrace the peace and quiet over a BC wine and listen to the only sound you'll hear, a crackling fire.

Day 2 - Spring Skiing and Stargazing

As the birds make their way back up north, you wake to the sound of their light song outside your window. Peering outside you see a light dusting of fresh snow from overnight and a bluebird day that awaits you for spring skiing.
During the week you'll find mostly locals on the hill. End of season conditions welcome you with a warm, sunny day and light, airy snow. Grabbing your lift ticket from Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise Ski Resort, or Mt. Norquay you remark how quick the drive was compared to what you’re used to, and how you’ve moved to the front of the lift line even quicker. You’ve practically got the whole mountain to yourself.

Ski, Snowboard, Lake Louise, Banff National Park

Starting your après celebration with a late lunch, you order your meal and cocktail to the patio. Soaking in the sunshine feels refreshing as you tilt your head back to enjoy every ray. You can’t believe it took this long to get out and do this together.
Feeling like you’ve had a full day on the hill, you make your way back to your cabin to freshen up for dinner. Your reservation in town awaits you at Sky Bistro atop the Banff Gondola. Riding up at dusk with the stars making an appearance overhead gives you a final glimpse over town as the sun recedes. 

Day 3 - Long Brunches and Retail Therapy

Blissfully exhausted from the previous day, you both relish a guilt-free sleep-in. Wrapped in warm blankets, it takes some convincing to get a freshly brewed cup of coffee. A long, lazy brunch is just what you had in mind and the chef doesn’t disappoint.
In Banff, you head to the Cave & Basin National Historic Site, Banff National Park's birthplace, to explore take in the beginnings of Banff National Park. 

winter shopping Banff downtown couple
Noel Hendrickson

An afternoon wander around the downtown streets lined with local handmade shops and iconic views of Mt. Rundle and Cascade Mountain, maybe enough to fill your 3-day getaway. But, maybe not, and a jaunt up Tunnel Mountain for one last stretch of the legs before you go is in order.
Returning to the city feeling like you’ve given each other the attention you both deserve feels rewarding. You remind each other of your favourite parts of your time away and make plans to do it again. This time, a little sooner.

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